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With four weekly impromptu music gatherings carried out, this October becomes the first and a very successful month for our impromptu music group Providence Haven. That’s why the YouTube series HavenPVD is seriously considered.

Nick’s original objective since April 22, 2019 is to publish a new video on a daily basis on his YouTube channel Ri4CTV. To reduce the stress, he scheduled many video releases months in advance.

Right after our first impromptu music gathering, Nick produced the first episode in Season 1 of the YouTube series HavenPVD. He was going do produce the rest of Season 1.

Suddenly, few days later, Norm appeared and joined Nick in the making of their brand-new YouTube series NDBaker93. This led to Nick’s decision to publish new episodes on a daily basis from the start, since October 5, 2019, without rescheduling all the daily videos already posted for the rest of the year.

As it turned out, Haven footage was used to create additional episodes for NDBaker93. That’s why, except the first one, all videos in Season 1 of HavenPVD carry the label from NDBaker93.

Thanks to Haven and NDBaker93 activities, film footage is generated much faster than Nick can consume in the process of producing many episodes for various YouTube series on his channel Ri4CTV. This explains why, using the footage generated by our second and third impromptu music gatherings, neither Season 2 nor Season 3 of HavenPVD was produced yet as of this writing.

For the first time ever, Nick has a problem he loves to have. Thanks to Haven and NDBaker93, he does not need to ride his bicycle with heavy camera gear around the town looking for new filming subjects.

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Season 1 of HavenPVD

NOTICE: For those who are new to YouTube, notice the “playlist icon” at the upper-right corner in the following thumbnail image. If you do not see a “playlist icon” there, the image if that of a single video. When a “playlist icon” appears there, the image if that of a sequence of videos. In this case, when you press Play, you will play all videos in the sequence. To view the playlist, select the playlist icon then select the playlist title.

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