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Thumoslang – The Best-Ever New Year’s Resolution

C is for Caribou. The web address,, is the shortcut to all things Caribou. It’s the code name for the yearly book-writing project, Career Initiation Book for You, which is to be carried out by several students from various high schools in or near Providence, Rhode Island. Being involved with this interschool project is an effective way for you as an individual to become far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe.

The official name for the project is, The CairouPVD Project. Its homepage is All the project details are spelled out by our Caribou Online Book, which is located at

CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR: For local students in the school-year 2019-2020 who wish to take part in the project, up-to-date information is provided by Issue 1A of our CaribouPVD Project Weekly Newsletter.

FUTURE SCHOOL YEAR: General information about the project for those who wish to take part in the project during the school-year 2020-2021, or later, is provided at, in the following pages.

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