The Origin of NDBaker93

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On the first Friday in October, three days after our first impromptu music gathering, Norman D. Baker paid Nickantony Quach a visit. As new acquaintances, neither expected it, their third meeting, to last six hours.

Thanks to Norm’s permission, most of those hours were recorded. The bulk of the recording was on camera. During their walk in the nearby park as a break, they brought the mic but not the camera with them.

The visit turned out to be the origin of the YouTube series NDBaker93, which is by default directed by Nick and hosted by Norm. On the next day, the footage generated by the meeting was used to produce the first 21 episodes in Season 1.

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Season 1 of NDBaker93

NOTICE: For those who are new to YouTube, notice the “playlist icon” at the upper-right corner in the following thumbnail image. If you do not see a “playlist icon” there, the image if that of a single video. When a “playlist icon” appears there, the image if that of a sequence of videos. In this case, when you press Play, you will play all videos in the sequence. To view the playlist, select the playlist icon then select the playlist title.

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