Our First Impromptu Music Gathering

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On the first of October, Nick rode the bus to Kennedy Plaza for our first impromptu music gathering. His camera was on long before he got off the bus. As caught by the camera, Jairson was there on time by himself. After the initial exchange, Nick put Jairson on a mic then walked far away from him so that he could walk back with the view of zooming in ever closer to Jairson as he introduces the event. We failed to follow through with our plan due to the arrival of the third person: Elias. From afar, Nick and his camera saw Elias before he reciprocated as Nick walked back and joined in.

The very first meeting between Elias and Nick was captured in the following video, which is part of the video collection HavenPVD. Its videos show various activities during  our first impromptu music gathering.

In the gathering, as the first consequential act, Elias signed up to become the second organizer for the group. The two co-organizers Elias and Jairson worked with Nick on the next day to create a homepage for their newly created impromptu music group and name it as Providence Haven.

In the same gathering, Norm and Nick were surprised to meet one another the second time. That was when, as the second consequential act, Norm agreed to meet Nick in the near future to learn more about Nick and his YouTube channel Ri4CTV.

Both of the above-mentioned consequential acts unknowingly changed the trajectory of Elias’ life and subsequently brought about the writing of this book. That’s why Elias soon after started a journal devoted entirely to the growth of our impromptu music group Providence Haven.

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Episode 1 in Season 1 of HavenPVD

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