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Thumoslang – The Best-Ever New Year’s Resolution

During the school year 2019-2020, Alec Mustafayev and Elias Turner, seniors from two different high schools in Providence, Rhode Island, work with one another on two different objectives. One of the biggest things Elias wants to do during his final year in high school is to release a full-length album to sell, before the start of June 2020. What Alec wants to do at the same time is to write a book capturing Elias’ experience during his final year in high school. All activities applicable to these product-making objectives are coordinated under the banner of the CaribouPVD Project. Project details are spelled out by the free-of-charge online book Caribou.

The purpose of this book, Thumoslang401, is to answer those similar to the following questions. How can students from nearby high schools be involved with our interschool projects? Can they start their own projects using the same approach? What can they do in preparation for the following school year?

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