The Origin of Haven

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On the last Tuesday in September, Agostino (Gus) Minter, his wife Desirée (Desi) De Melo, Sky Segal-Wright, and Xan Pemsler came over for a dinner at Nick’s place. Unexpectedly missing is Alexander Fiorentini, the fifth member of the On-A-Beat group. Thanks to their agreement, the event was on camera, as captured in the following video.

As a demonstration of his work for Ri4CTV, Nick presented a video of his. The video happens to be about Jairson Ascencao, who was not expected to, but did, arrive exactly when the video finished playing and joined in to dine with everyone.

Before Nick had a chance to remember bringing out the ice cream, Gus and Sky were on their guitars and Desi was playing her hand drums. Jairson joined in with some freestyle rap. Not long after, Desi was also on our tiny, improvised dance floor.

What happens next was totally unexpected. Jairson invited Gus and others to join him and his friends at Kennedy Plaza, the civic heart of Providence Downtown, to do an impromptu music gathering. Jairson never had any experience conducting such an event before but, from everyone, he got a big YES, which is the origin of our impromptu music group Providence Haven.

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Episode 1 in Season 1 of On A Beat PVD

Optional Music

Optional music is provided hereby for those who want to hear some music while reading.

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