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This page spells out all the steps you should take in order to become an effective writer for CaribouPVD, The CaribouPVD Yearly Interschool Project for High School Students in Rhode Island.

  1. Ask Nick via Ri4CTV.com/Nick for help with the following steps.
  2. If not already done, give Nick your gmail address, which is needed for the following steps.
  3. Ask for access to enter The Haven Office, our private space for online collaboration.
  4. Select the menu command [Booklets > Handbook] then read all pages there.
  5. Select the menu command [Booklets > Thursday booklet] then read all pages there.
  6. Ask for access to all pages in the Caribou Online Book.
  7. Read all pages in the Caribou Online Book, which includes all issues of the CaribouPVD Project Newsletter.
  8. Create a new post in Haven office to introduce yourself with information useful to the next step.
  9. Ask Nick to create a contact page for you, for example, Ri4CTV.com/Jairson.
  10. Talk to Nick about Book Writing Milestones.
  11. General Glossary at Ri4CTV for Our Project Participants

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