Norman D. Baker

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On the last summer day, Norm and his cousin rode their BMX to the so-called Trinity Skatepark, formally known as, Adrian Hall Skate Park, in Providence where they first saw Nick. At the time, neither Norm nor Nick realized that they have Jairson as their mutual friend. The encounter is captured by the first scene from Episode 1 in Season 1 of the YouTube series NDBaker93, which is created and produced by Nick and hosted by Norm.

The first season of NDBaker93 introduces viewers to Norm. In the first ten episodes, within the same conversation with Nick who is, most of the time, standing off screen, Norm learn more and more about Nick’s YouTube channel Ri4CTV. After the tenth episode, viewers get to know more about Norm and witness the on-camera, in-reality development of his personal character.

During the sixth minute in the 11th episode, Norm took 40 seconds of silence to answer the following question. What does he truly want to become?

“A leader,” he finally said.

As soon as he says that, the story of his life begins. That is the start of a still-developing, on-camera story about the making of a global leader from the time when he did not know, as explained by the 12th episode, what leadership truly means.

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Season 1 of NDBaker93

NOTICE: For those who are new to YouTube, notice the “playlist icon” at the upper-right corner in the following thumbnail image. If you do not see a “playlist icon” there, the image if that of a single video. When a “playlist icon” appears there, the image if that of a sequence of videos. In this case, when you press Play, you will play all videos in the sequence. To view the playlist, select the playlist icon then select the playlist title.

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