CaribouPVD Newsletter 1A

This is the first in a series of the CaribouPVD Project Newsletter. Its purpose is to keep all project participants on the same page. The purpose of CaribouPVD is to walk a limited number of students from various high schools in Providence through a multi-month process making them far more powerful than they’ve been led to believe. This yearly project ends in April, ahead of graduation for various project participants.

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By Nickantony Quach, Ri4CTV | Monday, November 18, 2019 | Providence, Rhode Island

[1] Welcome to the debut issue of CaribouPVD Project Weekly Newsletter! On Thursday, November 14th, 2019, the project was kicked off when the following pictures were taken, of Elias Turner, on the left, and Norman D. Baker. Behind the camera is Nickantony Quach. This issue is considered as Page 20 of the online book Caribou. | Scroll down to continue reading

Elias the Tengukid

Norman D. Baker

CaribouPVD Project

[2] Our project is referred to as CaribouPVD. Its hashtag is #CaribouPVD, which is expected in the description of every video related to the project. The project is expected to end before May 2020. Milestone dates and other deadlines in the project are spelled out by the article, Absolute Deadlines, which is published in The Haven Office, our private space for internal collaboration. Other project details are spelled out by the Caribou Online Book located at

[3] The first 18 pages have been written. Each is released to the public on a different day, between the 12th and the 29th of November. They introduce all the events necessary to bring about our CaribouPVD Project. The first few pages have been reviewed by Elias. The review is captured in the video, “Caribou Online”, which is Episode 4 in Season 4 of NDBaker93. | Watch the video

[4] The purpose of CaribouPVD is to walk a limited number of students from various high schools in Providence through a multi-months process making them far more powerful than they’ve been led to believe. The process is carried out through the teaching of Thumoslang, our nomenclature for social life, as directed by its creator, Nickantony Quach.

[5] Project participants are expected to meet one another after school every Thursday. Their collaboration will be conducted partially in front of the camera. Their activities are reported, and the meaning of their work is explained, in the CaribouPVD Project Weekly Newsletter to be published on the following Sunday. In this way, all project participants will have access to the latest project information first thing Monday.

Primary Objectives

[6] One of the biggest things Elias wants to do during his final year in high school is to release a full-length album to sell, before the start of June 2020. Project participants also want to write a book capturing his senior-year experience.

[7] An objective of the book is to show how Elias uses Nick as the second mind in running his business of the self. Their collaboration is considered as a paracity where Elias is the mayor and Nick is the “City Manager”. While Elias is expected to be responsible for specifying the city’s history ahead of time, Nick is expected to be responsible for minimizing the waste of available human resources. Such arrangement has been worked out and agreed to by both parties in their first collaborative meeting a week before the above pictures were taken.

Success Metrics

[8] We divided the project into four quarters, six weeks each. The four quarter ending dates are  12/26, 2/6, 3/19, and 4/30. Elias thinks that our main goal should be to finish a song every week. This should bring us beyond 20 songs for the album. He believes we should have something like a promotional music video done halfway through the project.

[9] The issue number of this project newsletter is 1A. The “1” refers to the first quarter. The “A” refers to our first project meeting (11/14). The initial discussion on milestone requirements is captured by the video, “Caribou 1A1”, which is Episode 3 in Season 4 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. The video is identified as “1A1” because it is the first of several videos derived from our first project meeting.

[10] A song is fully done when we meet the following conditions. Its music and lyrics are available. The song is recorded and ready for review by other project participants.

NDBaker93 Daily Show

[11] For those new to us, we are running the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. On it, we are doing the daily show NDBaker93, which is co-hosted by Norman D. Baker and Jairson Ascencao. | Tell me more

[12] The first two seasons, Season 1 and Season 2 are complete. The first season is fully released. The second season is fully released by 11/22/2019.

[13] Episodes in Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5 of NDBaker93 are not released according to the daily schedule as adopted by the first two seasons. Both Season 3 and Season 5 are all about Thumoslang, our nomenclature for social life. Urgently released episodes are placed in Season 4. The third and fourth episodes are the first videos related to our CaribouPVD Project.

[14] Season 6 picks up the daily schedule where Season 2 left off. Within the first seven episodes, Elias Turner, Jairson Ascencao, Norman D. Baker, and Nickantony Quach are all re-introduced. The sixth season marks the start of our CaribouPVD Project, which acts as our outreach program. Through the first episode, our daily show NDBaker93 presents Alec Mustafayev. His participation represents the first result derived from our outreach program.

[15] For those who are new to Ri4CTV, click here to see what videos are also released during the week when the above two videos are made available to the public.

Copyrights & Legality

[16] On the 2019 Election Day, Elias Turner, Jairson Ascencao, Norman D. Baker, and Nickantony Quach signed their first business partnership agreement and started working together as a single business unit, which is informally known as, We Four in Providence (#We4inPVD). The group’s homepage is located at

[17] All questions about copyrights and legality should be addressed to our Business Department via Norman D. Baker.

HavenPVD Weekly Music Gathering

[18] CaribouPVD project participants are encouraged to be involved with Providence Haven, our impromptu music group. Jairson Ascencao is the primary organizer. Elias is the other co-organizer for the group. Its members sharpen their music skills by conducting their weekly public gathering at the time and place as specified at the top of their homepage, which is located at

First Income from Thumoslang

[19] Thanks to Jairson, we saw our first dollars from teaching Thumoslang. Jairson and Norm have worked out a commission structure for the spreading of Thumoslang. Part of this experience is captured by the video, “First Income”, which is Episode 2 in Season 6 of NDBaker93. | What the video

Thumoslang as New Year’s Resolution

[20] Thumoslang is promoted as the best-ever New Year’s Resolution using the landing page The why and how are explained in the article, “Thumoslang as the Best-ever New Year’s Resolution”, which is located here.

[21] Norm has begun the process of writing a thin book, which tells a story that can be used to make music for Thumoslang as the best-ever New Year’s Resolution. Details have not yet fully worked out.

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Project Kick-off Meeting

[22] Our project CaribouPVD was kicked off on 11/14/2019 in the meeting with Elias, Norm, and Nick.

  • During the first half, Norm interviewed Elias on a number of questions related to copyrights for legality for the music.
  • During the last portion of the meeting, Gus, and a friend from Canada, stopped by for a collaborative discussion with Elias.

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Project Links

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We4inPVD Departments

20190922_125124Jairson Ascencao

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