Bowater ThumosEvent

Social event to bring people together to raise the awareness of our relationship with Mother Earth

Look for a College that will sponsor the event (as a student of theirs most likely) for a Spring of 2020 powermove towards the global stage.

  1. Describe the problem I am working on
    1. The lack of relationship between us and Earth
  2. Figure the solution
    1. Using the Business of the Self explain how creating a tree planting event brings us closer to each other, the planet and ourselves as part of bettering our department of Relations
  3. Create a community around this Outreach program
    1. Seniors of the local area, zero carbon footprint groups, other environmentalist, friends, college groups, and social media reachout platforms such as “meetup, craigslist and facebook”
  4. Be ready to introduce idea of potential Senior Thesis project by Feb 1st
    1. 14 weeks away
      1. set up project timeline
  5. Parallel project Bowater with project Caribou as an option
    1. As students learn about working with younger grades the potential for this to reaccure is vastly more likely to continue
  6. Work with an individual particularly interested with potential of becoming a Thumostown
    1. Who shares the dream of a planet with more trees and better relations?

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