The YouTube Series Thumoslang101

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When Ifeanyi was at a fork in the road, he asked Nick, whom he met only once earlier, for advice. Their second meeting took place in the later part of summer and it lasted three full hours, all on camera. What transpired in the meeting was captured by the six videos published as the YouTube series Thumoslang101. This is the conversation that changes the world.

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The YouTube Series Thumoslang101

NOTICE: For those who are new to YouTube, notice the “playlist icon” at the upper-right corner in the following thumbnail image. If you do not see a “playlist icon” there, the image if that of a single video. When a “playlist icon” appears there, the image if that of a sequence of videos. In this case, when you press Play, you will play all videos in the sequence. To view the playlist, select the playlist icon then select the playlist title.

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