NDBaker93 Season 2 Finale: “We 4 in PVD”

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By Nickantony Quach, Ri4CTV | Friday, November 15, 2019 | Providence, Rhode Island

[1] The final episode, We 4 in PVD, in Season 2 of the YouTube series NDBaker93 will be released on Friday, November 22, 2019. If you did not hear about NDBaker93, sooner or later, you will. | Watch it now

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[2] If you are living in Rhode Island and still a high school or college student in the year 2020, you may want to put NDBaker93 on your calendar. It is filmed and produced in Providence. You may want to include it as part of your career. Elias Turner, a senior in high school, is directly involved with its development. A friend of his, Jairson Ascencao, is a co-host on the daily show NDBaker93. | View the series homepage

Norman D. Baker
Norman D. Baker

[3] The show is produced by Nickantony Quach, Founder of Ri4CTV. The other co-host on the daily show is Norman D. Baker. Nick and Norm met one another the second time unexpectedly when they both attended the impromptu music gathering that took place on the first of October at Kennedy Plaza, the civic heart of Downtown Providence. The initial and subsequent events are organized by both Jairson and Elias. Ever since, their organizers kept them going on a weekly basis and named them as, Providence Haven, which is often referred to simply as, Haven. | Check out Haven photos and videos

[4] The season finale, We 4 in PVD, marks the time when the four became one. That was on Election Day, five weeks after the first Haven gathering, the first time they were all together. The reality-TV show NDBaker93 tells the story of how #We4inPVD are on their way to change the world as they help others as individuals become far more powerful than they’ve been led to believe. The story begins with the final episode in Season 2 of NDBaker93. This article attempts to catch you up with the chain of events leading up to the story. | Search for #We4inPVD

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20190922_125124Jairson Ascencao

20191009_093013Norman D. Baker

WP_20190407_13_41_14_Pro__highresNickantony Quach 20191022_151418Elias the Tengukid

[5] The above pictures tell you who the four, as in #We4inPVD, are. They were just four individuals on the first of October when they first all met one another at their first impromptu music gathering. Three days later, Norm and Nick spent six hours together with Norm in front of, and Nick behind, the camera without realizing that they were filming the first 21 videos for Season 1 of what they later name using Norm’s email address. We became a group of two. | Trace the Origin of NDBaker93

[6] The debut episode was released on the next day without any fan fare. Ever since, a new episode of NDBaker93 is published on every calendar day. The most interesting story in Season 1 is Episode 13, “Jairson Ascencao & Ifeanyi Onyekaba”. In it, Norm was watching another video on Ri4CTV that shows when Jairson first proposed the idea of doing an impromptu music gathering in Providence. During the second half, Norm was introduced to Ifeanyi Onyekaba, who changed the world in a single conversation with Nick. | Watch Episode 13 in Season 1

[7] Halfway through October, Jairson joined Norm and started co-hosting NDBaker93. We became a group of three. During the last three days of the month, release of the last episode in Season 1, that of the first episode in Season 2, and the fourth Haven gathering took place. After Jairson and Elias left the meeting, Allie Frankel appeared and told us about her student film project. What she told us is, thanks to Nick and his camera gear, captured by the first three episodes of the YouTube series Allie Frankel on Ri4CTV. | About the film project

[8] Allie’s film project requires original music. This requirement immediately pops up Elias’ name in Nick’s mind as Elias is a serious musician. Nick called for a quick in-person meeting. Elias and Jairson met Nick on the first of November. After learning of the film project, Elias told Nick that he wants the copyright of his music owned not by himself but by the impromptu music group Providence Haven, which is not yet a legal person. He also said the following, while on camera without anyone realizing that it would turn out to be for Season 2, though not in so many words. He joined the group because it could help him do something great for both himself and his community, be it Providence or the world.

[9] The need for the group to become a legal person brought about the subsequent meeting, which took place few days later, on Election Day. Norm was also in the meeting with Elias, Jairson, and Nick. In the end, the four of us decided to become a single group that does many things. That was when we became a group of four. It does not have a formal name yet but we can now refer to it as We4inPVD. Their first agreement, signed in the meeting, is a short list of their core values, which are displayed near the end of the season finale, We 4 in PVD.

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