Copyrights for Musicians and Writers


Fortunately, one aspect of copyright law for musicians is pretty simple: When copyrights apply. Generally speaking, a music composition or sound recording is protected by copyright law when it is an “original idea” that is “fixed in a tangible medium of expression,” according to the Digital Media Law Project

  1. Musicians should register with the US Copyright Office to protect their work. … A registered copyright allows musicians and other artists and creators to sue anyone who may infringe upon their creation, claim damages and control how their work is used and distributed


Under the current law, a copyright exists as soon as you fix the original work in a tangible medium of expression. It does not matter whether you write the work down with a pen, type it on your computer or paint it with brush. As long as the expression is tangible, the work is copyright protected.

  1. To register a book or other creative work, simply go to, the website set up by the Library of Congress. There is an online portal to register copyrights for photographs, sculptures and written works. Fill out the form, pay the fee and you are registered.

How to make a Copyright Notice

Original authorship (of the art/work) starts at the moment of tangible creation and will be officially copyrighted, marked as such © for deliberation after due process (referring to registration).

Publish year 2020 (first year of distributed copies)

[Insert Artist/Writer legal name] has All Rights Reserved/Some Rights Reserved (for a Creative Commons License) as a Creative Commons (CC) License accredited closed corporation, the original authorship has the right to share, use, and build upon what they created, structuring conditions and allowances the

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