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In January 2018, after kicking around the idea of setting up a media company that publishes only happy news, Agostino (Gus) Minter, who played music since his school-age years, and his friend Xan Pemsler moved to a cheap and warm city in Arizona to dodge the Boston winter. They thought of themselves as writers but, once there, Gus busked for a living and Xan, as it turned out, used the camera for YouTube more than he did the pen when not working for an Italian restaurant.

When the summer arrives, their mutual friend Sky Segal-Wright also moved there. That was after he wrapped up his English degree.

Long story short, they eventually decided to move back to New England the following year. In late summer 2019, before the final move, Gus and Sky were caught, in the following video as filmed by Nickantony Quach, playing music with another friend of theirs at Burnside Park in Providence.

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Episode 5 in Season 1 of Burnside Park

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