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Thumoslang – The Best-Ever New Year’s Resolution

Few weeks before the September 11 attacks, Nickantony Quach walked his son to school, on his first day in first grade. On the walk back home, between their good-bye and the first stop sign, it dawned on Nick that he had been a father by default and never a father by design.

“What kind of father,” asked Nick, “do I truly want to become?”

As he grew up, he was never impressed with the way parenting was overall discharged by many in real life as well as by their counterparts in fiction. They often come up with too many rules for their children but they have a hard time remembering most of their own rules and, more importantly, applying them in front of their children.

With determination, Nick spent several hours every night in the following week to figure out what it would take for him to become the first-ever perfect father. The result is a five-word lesson, later referred to as, the First Thumos Mantra. Once a week throughout the first grade, he talked to his son about it, often while his son was bored sitting in the back seat on the way to various places around the town.

Fourteen years later and 1700 miles away, on the Henderson Bridge of Rhode Island, a senior student at Brown University disclosed the trouble he was having in the relationship with his parents over the recent years. Nick gave him the five-word mantra for use at home. Two months later, Nick received an email from the student saying thanks because he was able to erase the biggest relationship problem in his life at the time using those five words.

That was totally unexpected because Nick did not realize that those five words could be as useful to a college graduate as well as a first grader. That was when his first had the desire to write about them.

Eight months later, he was introduced to Mark Canny, who was at the time a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island. Nick and Mark worked with one another two years then published the 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, before Mark graduated from college. | Tell me more

The above experience is why Elias Turner believes Nick can help him write and publish a serious book, this book, before graduating from high school. What’s a better way to initiate your career?

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Episode 18 in Season 1 of NDBaker93

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