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The Proposed Unit

The title of the first page of the first Thumoslang book is, About This Book. Its first-draft content is presented below.

The Proposed Text

This book, Thumoslang: Nomenclature for Social Life, is written by Nickantony Quach, Norman D. Baker, and Jairson Ascencao, in about six months, between late October 2019 and early April 2020. Its primary objective is to provide, at the very least, the minimum of what it takes to teach Thumoslang.

Thumoslang is found in the Thumos Philosophy as expressed by the 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, which is written in Providence, Rhode Island, by Nickantony Quach and Mark Canny. To make it even more powerful, in 2018, Nick stripped the rules off of the philosophy. What remains is the nomenclature, which is later named as Thumoslang.

Thumoslang is first presented on Ri4CTV, a YouTube channel. The “4C” means foreseeing, and thus, foresight. The extended name for Ri4CTV is Rhode Island Foresight Television. It was first created in 2018 to tell the story of Thumoslang.

The power of Thumoslang is first demonstrated in 2019 by Ri4CTV on the YouTube series Thumoslang101. The filming of its six videos took place within the same three-hour conversation between Ifeanyi Onyekaba and Nickantony Quach.

The power of Thumoslang is further confirmed by the YouTube series Thumoslang102. Its 21 videos show how Jairson Ascencao first reacted to the series Thumoslang101. Jairson was the first to observe that Thumoslang was able to effectively sharpen the blade of Ifeanyi’s mind in only few hours.

Nickantony Quach, Norman D. Baker, and Jairson Ascencao agreed to do the YouTube series NDBaker93 because it was part of their journey towards what they truly wanted to become. This is spelled out by “The Nexus Day”, which is Episode 6 in Season 2 of NDBaker93.

The first season of NDBaker93 introduces viewers to Norm, formally known as Norman D. Baker. During the first ten episodes, Norm gets to know more and more about Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV) in the same conversation with Nick who is most of the time standing off screen. After the tenth episode, viewers get to know more about Norm and witness the on-camera, in-reality development of his personal character. The second season introduces viewers to Jairson as the second co-host for the series. The third season focuses more on Thumoslang.

To ensure that the minimum of what it takes to teach Thumoslang is well provided by this book, its co-writers took full advantage of the above-mentioned resources. Readers of this book may want to do the same.

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