The Story of NDBaker93

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By Nickantony Quach, Ri4CTV | Saturday, October 26, 2019 | Providence, Rhode Island

The start of our story could not be told before we could for sure confirm who we were. We did not really have documented proof of who we were until yesterday, the last Friday of October 2019, when the three of us worked together in a filming session. In front of the camera were Norman D. Baker and Jairson Ascencao, two friends teaming up as co-hosts for the YouTube series NDBaker93, which is available on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. Behind the camera was Nickantony Quach, their mutual friend who happens to be Founder of Ri4CTV and Creator of Thumoslang.

20191009_093013Norman D. Baker

20190922_125124Jairson Ascencao WP_20190407_13_41_14_Pro__highresNickantony Quach

The final result of our filming session is Season 5 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. The fifth season of our daily show is also known as the Thumoslang103 video series. That’s why its formal title is, NDBaker93 S5 Thumoslang103. The two co-hosts Jairson and Norm appear together, for the first time, in all episodes of the same season.

Together, all seven episodes in Season 5 can be referred to simply as Thumoslang103. They are the documented proof of who we are. The YouTube series Thumoslang103 shows how well we work together and it defines who we are as it sets the tone for our future. We are the NDBaker93 Core Team and our story literally begins at the end of this sentence.

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