The First Arrivals

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The first impromptu music gathering by the so-called Providence Haven event series took place around 3 PM at Kennedy Plaza, the civic heart of downtown Providence, on the first day of October, 2019. As fully shown by the video, @tengukid | Haven PVD | S1E1, and partially shown by the video, 4C Means Foreseeing and Thus Foresight | NDBaker93 | S1E3,  the first three arrivals at the event are Jairson Ascenco, Nickantony Quach, and Elias the Tengukid. This was when Nick and Elias first met one another.

Later on the same day was when Agostino (Gus) Minter and Elias first met one another. Jairson, Gus, and Elias formed the Haven Core Team three weeks later.

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Released 12/25/2019

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