The Nexus Day

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To the first three members of the NDBaker93 Core Team, the third Wednesday of October 2019 is the Nexus Day. On this day, Norman D. Baker, Jairson Ascencao, and Nickantony Quach got together in their first ever serious meeting. They took a long walk in the nearby park before they started an unplanned, long filming session.

When the third person arrived at their work session around 9:30 AM, the three friends were still just three individuals. When one of them left for work around 1:00 PM, right after the filming session was over, they became the Business Core Team of NDBaker93, even without so realized by everyone.

Various moments of the day are captured by the video, The Nexus Day, which is Episode 6 in Season 2 of NDBaker93. The video is scheduled to be released three weeks later, on the first Monday of November 2019. | Watch the video

The filming session lasted two hours and twenty minutes. Norm, Jairson and Nick took many takes as they originally composed and on-the-fly produced the one-minute standard introduction to their YouTube series NDBaker93. Within 50 seconds, starting at 24 minutes and 48 seconds into the video, both Norman D. Baker and Jairson Ascencao wrapped it all up and thereby declared what each truly wanted to become.

Final Script

“Hi viewers,” begun Norm.

“I’m Norman D. Baker,” said Norm, “your host of [the] YouTube series NDBaker93.”

“I’m sitting at [a] local stage in Providence, Rhode Island,” continued Norm, “hopefully on a journey to the global stage.”

“Here is my co-host,” said Norm as he brings viewers’ attention to his friend.

“Thank you, Norm,” said Jairson as he took over.

“Hi Viewers,” begun Jairson.

“My name is Jairson,” greeted Jairson.

“I’m here because I believe that,” said Jairson, “the YouTube series NDBaker93 can take us into the future [in which] members of humanity can actually support one another instead of forcing their opinions down each other’s throats.”

“Hopefully, as you watch NDBaker93,”  said Norm as he reminded viewers of the mission of Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV), “you will discover that you too can become far more powerful than you have been led to believe.”

The mission of the YouTube series and what their co-hosts truly want to become have just been declared.

Earlier Preparation

It took the three a long time to nail down the speech for Jairson. Earlier, at 9 minutes 26 seconds into the video, as a demonstration to Jairson, Nick asked Norm an explicit question.

“What makes [Norm] die happy is that,” said Nick as he set up a context for the question, “he’s on the global stage talking to other global leaders.”

“True or false,” Nick asked Norm.

“True,” confirmed Norm.

“What makes me die happy,” declared Nick as he gave Jairson another living example, “is that Thumoslang is part of the education in elementary school.”

“Yeah?” Norm was surprised as he looked towards Nick.

“Okay,” Norm followed up, “wow!”

“What makes you die happy?” Nick looked at Jairson.

“What makes me die happy,” responded Jairson after a long pause, at 10 minutes and 17 seconds into the video, “is that we heal our relationships with each other and the planet.”

And there you have it, on Day Zero of the NDBaker93 Core Team.

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