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Thumoslang – The Best-Ever New Year’s Resolution


Event Highlights Participants
10/1 KP Photos | Videos | Not all wanted to leave at the end. Our first event included a band, 2 drummers, a rapper, and 2 ukelele players. Jairson, Nick, Elias, Gus, Desi, Xan, Norm, Josh, Meg, etc.
10/15 Thayer Photos | TBD Jairson, Nick, Elias, Gus, Desi, etc.
10/22 Thayer Photos | Haven Core Team was formed | Tell me more Jairson, Nick, Elias, Gorden, Gus, Desi, etc.
10/29 Thayer Photos | Videos | Snapchat friends stopped by | Student producer stopped by Jairson, Nick, Elias, Mary, etc.
11/11 Thayer Photos | Monday at 4 PM instead of Tuesday at 3 PM Jairson, Mary and James

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Video About Providence Haven

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Ri4CTV Journey | Edit

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