State of Ri4CTV

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Objective Planned Actual
Thumos Book 2017 THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration
Thumoslang 2018 Thumoslang Origin
Daily video 2019 Since 4/22/2019 | Show me
Custom URL Since 5/28/2019 | Tell me more
First weekly show

Obed & Tiernan

Since 5/31/2019 | Show me
First global series Thumoslang101

Since 9/10/2019 | Press Release
First daily show NDBaker93

Since 10/5/2019 | Tell me more
First online book Ri4CTV Journey New page daily since 10/13/2019 | Tell me more
Core Team Before 2020 Since the Nexus Day (10/16/2019_ | Tell me more
Ad Income Before 2020 270/1000 subscribers as of 10/15/2019

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