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The first season of NDBaker93 introduces viewers to Norm, formally known as Norman D. Baker. During the first ten episodes, Norm gets to know more and more about Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV) in the same conversation with Nick who is most of the time standing off screen. After the tenth episode, viewers get to know more about Norm and witness the on-camera, in-reality development of his personal character.

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During the sixth minute in the 11th episode, Norm took more than 40 full seconds of silence to answer the following question. What does he truly want to become? “A leader,” said he. As soon as he says that, the story of his life begins. That’s why the episode’s title is, “The Story Begins”, which means, the start of a still-developing, on-camera story about the making of a global leader from the time when he did not know, as explained by the 12th episode, what leadership truly means.

The follow-on 9 videos, between Episode 13 and Episode 21, Nick took Norm through various milestones in the development of our YouTube channel. Telling Norm about Thumoslang is unavoidable as it is necessary to achieve the following mission of Ri4CTV.

Our mission at Ri4CTV is to help the individual become far more powerful than they have been led to believe.

As Norm learns more and more about Thumoslang, his personal character evolves, on camera, further and further. This is totally part of the process making a leader out of him.

The filming of the first 21 episodes was carried out within the same five-hour meeting between Norm D. Baker and the film maker, Nickantony Quach, on the 4th day of October 2019. That was when they met the third time. The second time they met was three days earlier when they unexpectedly at once participated in the first local event in a  series which is later named as, Providence Haven. Part of the event is captured by Episode 22 and Episode 23 in Season 1 of NDBaker93.

Norm met Jairson three months earlier but he did not know the inside story of his character until he, on camera, watched, The Mission of This Series, which is Episode 3 in Season 1 of the video series Jairson Ascencao. Norm’s experience itself in watching this video is in turn captured by, What You Truly Want To Become, which is Episode 24. It may turn out to be the most important episode of all in Season 1 of the video series NDBaker93.

In the end, through various episodes, the first season of NDBaker93 also introduces viewers to Jairson Ascencao who is a determined creator. He wants to make things, tell stories, and bring things together in a way that is especially good for people to see, hear and feel. He believes that this is how he can help others. To Norm’s surprise, Jairson wants to be the messenger who spreads the following idea.

You, as an individual, are far more powerful than what you’ve been led to believe.

While watching the video, Norm concluded that Jairson wants the world a bit happier through the individual. Norm also noted that we haven’t been necessarily misled but we missed many lessons while growing up.

How could our humanity ensure that its younger members would not miss too many lessons while growing up? The answer is, both Norm and Jairson would agree, Thumoslang!

As one after another episode stack up for the series NDBaker93, viewers will see many of the lessons both Norm and Jairson missed while they were still in their youth. NDBaker93 shows how they will catch up with all the missed lessons through the use of Thumoslang.

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