What is NDBaker93?

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The YouTube series NDBaker93 is a must-watch daily show for all, especially those in need of an overhaul for their business of the self. It tells the still-developing reality story of how two new friends Norman D. Baker (born 1993) and Jairson Ascencao (born 1999) grow up in Providence, Rhode Island together but on camera at Ri4CTV and, through the use of Thumoslang, become far more powerful than otherwise possible. As your show hosts, they will take turn to keep entertaining you with the following idea behind the scene. “You as an individual are much more powerful than you have been led to believe.”

Created by Nickantony Quach, Founder of Ri4CTV, NDBaker93 is a daily talk show running as a video series on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. The show made its debut without fanfare on October 5th, 2019 when, “BMX for Life”, the first of 25 episodes in Season 1 was released. Ever since, a new episode is published every day, normally at 6 PM New York Time. Season 1 ends with its last episode, which is available on October 29th, 2019.

Hosting the first season is Norman D. Baker. The first, totally unexpected, encounter between Norm and Nick took place on September 20th, 2019, while Norm and his cousin were riding BMX at the so-called Trinity Skatepark, formally known as, Adrian Hall Skate Park, in Providence. This encounter is captured by the first scene from Episode 1 in Season 1 of NDBaker93.

The second, also totally unexpected, encounter between Norm and Nick took place at Kennedy Plaza in Providence on October 1st, 2019, when they both participated in the first event of the series later known as Providence Haven, which is organized by Jairson Ascencao. The first Haven event is captured by Episode 22 and Episode 23 in Season 1 of NDBaker93.

The first 21 episodes in Season 1 were filmed mostly during the five-hour session carried out by Norm and Nick in their third meeting, which took place on October 4th, 2019. Going from total strangers to YouTube partners in three meetings, within two weeks is how fast they got their NDBaker93 journey started.

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