What’s on Ri4CTV in November 2019?

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Fri. 11/1 Sat. 11/2 Sun. 11/3
Mon. 11/4 Tue. 11/5 Wed. 11/6 Thu. 11/7
Fri. 11/8 Sat. 11/9 Sun. 11/10
Mon. 11/11 Tue. 11/12 Wed. 11/13 Thu. 11/14
Fri. 11/15 Sat. 11/16 Sun. 11/17
Mon. 11/18 Tue. 11/19 Wed. 11/20 11/21
Fri. 11/22 Sat. 11/23 Sun. 11/24
Mon. 11/25 Tue. 11/26 Wed. 11/27 Thu. 11/28


Fri. 11/29 Sat. 11/30


About November 2019

By Nickantony Quach in Providence, RI, 9/30/2019

November is still a month away but its days are already filled with daily videos on Ri4CTV. Its first three days offer new weekly episodes for the three still-on-going music series: The Unlikely Strummers, The Quahogs, and Hope-Tunnel PVD.

The first full week brings up new episodes for the two more still-on-going music series: Salsa Blast in RI and Get It Right Loser. It also brings up new episodes for the following  still-on-going series: Jairson Ascencao and Brown RISD.

The second full week in November rolls out the first episode for, Nova One, a new music series on Ri4CTV, and for, Master Jdubs, a new story on Ri4CTV.

Using new episodes, the third week reminds viewers of the two music series, PR BayFest, and, Kooked Out at PVDFest 2019.



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