Call for Local Help in Reviewing a New Video Series on Ri4CTV

Hello from Nick of Ri4CTV,

Thank you very much for taking the time to consider the possibility of helping me to review a new video series on Ri4CTV. The title of the series is a single token, Thumoslang101. Its homepage is at

Thumoslang101 is the most important video series on Ri4CTV because it may turn out to be the series that will take Ri4CTV on the global stage where Ri4CTV can reach its global audience. That is why all videos in this series will be provided with subtitles in 87 languages, as listed here, on the following page:

The first season, Season 1, has only six episodes. The first episode is available since September 10th, 2019. As spelled out by the following video listing, the other five episodes are released in the following five weeks, specifically on 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, and 10/15.

Since you are one of the locals in Providence, Rhode Island, would you like to volunteer and help review Season 1 of Thumoslang101? If so, you would eventually become one of the first people in Rhode Island participating in the process of taking humanity to “Level 2.0”. This is explained by the following Press Release.

Thumoslang is the first formal nomenclature for social life. If you want to become an expert in a particular field, you must first learn of its nomenclature, which is the system of naming things in the field. If you want to become an expert in relationships, you must first learn how to use Thumoslang. Its power is demonstrated by the video series Thumoslang101.

To review Season 1 of Thumoslang101, do the following:

  1. Watch each of the six videos in Season 1 of Thumoslang101.
  2. Post a comment at the bottom of the video to articulate your feelings while you were watching the video as well as those you experienced right after you watch the video.
  3. As soon as possible, set up an appointment to meet Nick of Ri4CTV in person and talk to him in person about your feedback.

If you believe that Thumoslang could help someone you personally know who lives here in Rhode Island, we may want to set up a filming session to capture that person’s reaction while watching one of the episodes available in Season 1 of Thumoslang101. Ri4CTV has all the filming gear necessary to make it happen. It can be done anywhere in Rhode Island that can be reached by a RIPTA bus line. The result will be published as a video on Ri4CTV for use by viewers around the world as their educational material. This is a way for us the people of Rhode Island to leave our mark on the global stage.

We all would eventually love to hear your own ideas on how we an form an effective group in Rhode Island with the purpose of reaching a huge global audience via our YouTube channel Ri4CTV.

Sincerely yours,

Nick of Ri4CTV


For your information, the star in Season 1 of Thumoslang101 is a resident of Rhode Island. His name is Ifeanyi Onyekaba. He introduces himself in the following video on Ri4CTV:


As of this writing, the person who wants to learn Thumoslang the most is a resident of Johnston, Rhode Island. His name is Jairson Ascencao. Starting on October 29th, 2019, viewers from around the world will be able to follow his life by watching the series whose title is the same as his name.


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