Why do people beg for love and attention?

Origin of the question is located here.

People beg for love, and thus attention, because love, according to Thumoslang, is the nurturing of their ideals. When they beg for love, they are, however, not begging for your attention. When they beg for love, they are screaming for help in expressing their ideals, which are necessary to be loved by others.

I cannot love you if you cannot respect you. I cannot respect you if I cannot avoid interfering with your ideal self. I cannot avoid interfering with your ideal self if you do not express your ideals. Therefore, if you failed to express your ideals, you are fully successful in keep all others from knowing how to effectively love you.

The best way to express your ideals is to use Thumoslang. On September 10th, 2019 Ri4CTV will release the first episode of “Thumoslang101” (Ri4CTV.com/Thumoslang101), a new groundbreaking series. The first episode drops on Tuesday the 10th and new episodes will follow every Tuesday for the next five weeks. Season 1 of #Thumoslang101 captures the interaction between Ifeanyi the Boxer and Nickantony Quach. Nick is the founder of Ri4CTV and creator of Thumoslang. Nick and Ifeanyi’s dialogue throughout the series will change the life of the viewers and move the world forward. Their conversations will introduce the audience to Thumoslang, which is necessary for love.


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