How do you talk to someone who overthinks?

The question is originally found here. When people overthink, they keep looking at the problem instead of moving towards a solution. The conversation with over-thinkers often trick us into being part of the problem, being an assistance to overthinking. An escape is the use of Thumoslang, which ensures that the conversation is focused, not a waste of time for all involved, especially in complex relationships.

Thumoslang is rooted on the following:  If you want to become an expert in a particular field, you must first learn of its nomenclature. Most of us are not systematically good at human relationships.   We were never taught of any nomenclature for social life. There was no such teacher until 2017, when Nickantony Quach finished writing the book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, now available on and at Barnes & Noble. For the first time both the magic of the book and the power of Thumoslang are demonstrated at once within a single conversation, captured by the six episodes in Season 1 of #Thumoslang101.


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