The Making of Ri4CTV Press Release 2019A

The Press Release | Draft 1 | Draft 2

Providence, RI, September 5th, 2019: This article is for those who want to understand the importance of Ri4CTV Press Release 2019A, referred herein as our first press release (PR1).

For those who did not know, click here to find out, what an elevator pitch is. PR1, our first press release, is important to us at Ri4CTV because, as an elevator pitch for Thumoslang, it kick-starts the biggest story on Ri4CTV. Yes, the biggest story on Ri4CTV is Thumoslang. This article, however, is not about Thumoslang. For those who can’t wait, as explained by PR1, to see the power of Thumoslang, watch the six episodes in Season 1 of #Thumoslang101.

The first draft of PR1 is written by Nickantony Quach. The second draft, current version, is written by Jim Sestito. As one of the first practitioners of Thumoslang who understands the importance of PR1, Jim has the appropriate authority to revise it.

The elevator pitch was first tested in late August, unexpectedly on the #PVDPedBridge with a random person, Sam, a local lawyer. Success was achieved when he asked for details on the follow-up information. Until the availability of Season 1 of #Thumoslang101, we did not have an effective package of follow-up information. The success of Thumoslang elevator pitch, taking place only few days after Season 1 was produced, is the necessary impetus that brings about PR1.

Starring Ifeanyi the boxer, the series was filmed on August 21st. Thanks to the encounter with Sam the lawyer, its press release was created and revised two weeks later. These events officially confirm the importance of Thumoslang. Thumoslang is officially released when #Thumoslang101 the series is rolled out on September 10th, 2019. This is its official birthday, five months after the start of Ri4CTV daily videos.

When the Thumos book was published in early 2017, Thumos was considered as a philosophy, a set of rules. When #Thumoslang101 was filmed in 2019, it was considered a nomenclature, no longer a set of rules. Thumoslang the nomenclature is more powerful than Thumos the philosophy because its philosophy is to be a language, not a set of rules. This should soon be what makes Thumoslang the most powerful philosophy for humanity ever.

People Behind the Making of Thumoslang

  • Nickantony Quach | Originated the first Thumos mantra in 2001
  • T. L. | Being the unexpected test subject in 2014
  • Mark Canny | Co-writer of the Thumos book (2015-2017)
  • Mike Vanseveren | Being the bond between the co-writers (2015-2017)
  • Ilaf Elard | First practitioner of Thumos philosophy, starting in 2016
  • Jim Sistito | First practitioner of Thumoslang, starting in 2019
  • Ifeanyi Onyekaba | Being the unexpected star in Season 1 of Thumoslang101 (2019)


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