What’s on Ri4CTV in September 2019?

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Sun. 9/1

Mon. 9/2 Tue. 9/3 Wed. 9/4 Thu. 9/5
Fri. 9/6 Sat. 9/7 Sun. 9/8
5 PM

Mon. 9/9 Tue. 9/10 Wed. 9/11 Thu. 9/12


Fri. 9/13 Sat. 9/14 Sun. 9/15

Mon. 9/16 Tue. 9/17 Wed. 9/18 Thu. 9/19
Fri. 9/20 Sat. 9/21 Sun. 9/22

Mon. 9/23 Tue. 9/24 Wed. 9/25 Thu. 9/26
Fri. 9/27 Sat. 9/28 Sun. 9/29

Mon. 9/30


It’s only a week before September but each of its day on Ri4CTV’s calendar has already been filled with at least a fresh video. The current objective at Ri4CTV is to publish a fresh video on each calendar day. We are now six weeks ahead of the objective.

As of this writing, October 9th is the first day that Ri4CTV has no scheduled releases. In fact, during the same week, October 13th is the only other day that has no scheduled releases. | Click here to see what videos are, as of now, scheduled for that week.

During the follow-on week, which starts on Monday, 10/14/2019, only two days are unfilled. | Click here to see what videos are, as of now, scheduled for the follow-on week.

Following the next section, September Overview, each series involved in September will be presented according to the order of appearance.

September Overview

During the week before first full week, the month begins with Devin Bender Music on 9/1. While the series, Sundial PVD, dominates Thursday’s in September, the series, Cardboard Ox, covers every Sunday throughout the month.

WEEK 1: On our release schedule at Ri4CTV, the first full week of September involves six different series, the greatest of which is Obed & Tiernan, whose first episode was released on May 31st, 2019. The other five are: Chess in RI, Season 2 of Thumoslang Vocabulary, Sundial PVD, Burnside Park, and Cardboard Ox.

WEEK 2: The second full week of September introduces our viewers to two new series: Silax Bodymax and Thumoslang101. Both have six episodes each and both will dominate every Monday’s and Tuesday’s in the follow-on five weeks.

WEEK 3: The third full week brings us the sixth episode in Season 1 of PVD Flea.

WEEK 4: The fourth week brings us the eight episode in Season 1 of RI Skateboard. This week also introduces our viewers to the new weekly series, The Quahogs, which runs until the first week of December.

During the week after last full week, the month ends with Silax Bodymax on 9/30.

Around September

Ri4CTV.com/Sep | #Ri4CTV201909

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