How does Nick do it? | First Draft | September Release

Published at the start of September, this article explains the work for Ri4CTV as carried out by Nick over the prior month. It should answer many frequently-asked questions about the relationship between Ri4CTV and its viewers.

On the first evening of August in Downcity, Chachi Carvalho of Beat Box Studio and the International Players performed at the Burnside Music Series & Beer Garden. The last song was captured on Ri4CTV in the video, Journey, referred herein as ChachiV1 (Chachi Video 1 on Ri4CTV), which was released on Sunday, 8/18/2019, the first day when no videos were scheduled for release on Ri4CTV. ChachiV1 kicks start, Burnside Park, the new series on Ri4CTV.

Ri4CTV has been publishing a new video on each and every calendar day since April 2019.  Without an urgency, ChachiV1 was not released until several weeks after the event. Click here to see what video releases were scheduled on Ri4CTV for the same week, Ri4CTV Week of August 12. Other songs at the same event were also captured. They, however, will be released in the Winter on Ri4CTV.

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