Invitation 901

Hello Devin and RJ,

This page has been prepared for the purpose of inviting you to become Co-owners of Ri4CTV. Thank you for giving this a serious consideration.

The following links are placed at the bottom of the page, Our Main Office, which is located at We provide them for those who want to do business with us:

If you want to join a business group before its first day of business, now is the time to join Ri4CTV on Day-Zero. Our first small steps have been taken just in the recent months. As presented by, Our Business Agenda, we have just reached the following three milestones.

  • Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV) publishes a new video on every calendar day since April 22, 2019. What videos, published during which week, are tracked by This is our first milestone.
  • As soon as we reach 100 subscribers, we are allowed to have,, as a more respectable URL to our channel since May 28th, 2019. This is our second milestone.
  • Obed Yancor and Tiernan Moore, two best friends from two different high schools, are our first two channel anchors. Since May 31st, 2019, they’ve been working with us to produce the weekly show, Obed & Tiernan, released every Friday at 5 PM. This is our third milestone.

If you took a look at the above links and decided to accept our invitation and join us on our Day-Zero, please set up a meeting in person with Nick for a follow-up meeting.

Sincerely yours,



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