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Yesterday Nick, Obed, and Tiernan conducted their first business meeting via Google Hangouts. At the start of our meeting, we all agreed with the following basic premise for our group:

We want to turn our friendship into a money-making business based on YouTube such that when we graduate from college, we can work for ourselves and, more importantly, retain our freedom of lifestyle. When we have a serious source of income from YouTube, we can live where we want, work when we want, and, more importantly, not giving away the ownership of what we personally create over the years.

Wearing the business hat, Tiernan asked an important question. How do we know that, when the channel Ri4CTV becomes bigger, its business will legally belong to us all? The answer lies in the document of understanding DOU521A, which is presented at this web location.

In the fourth minute of our first video, Local Skaters Tiernan & Obed, we see that both Tiernan and Obed (T&O) look like two co-anchors for a YouTube channel. That’s why we decided to do a video series called, “Weekend on Ri4CTV with Tiernan & Obed”.

If you saw them in their first video on Ri4CTV, you knew these two best friends have just started skateboarding few weeks ago. In the Weekend series, they would like to share with our viewers of their progress in skateboarding.

Tiernan and Obed attend two different schools. The two best friends agreed to minimize their exchanges during the week so that they can update one another of their recent days on camera and thereby share their authentic stories with viewers of our Weekend series.

After we were done with our ideas on the Weekend series, Nick showed both Tiernan and Obed episodes 1, 2 and 4 of the series, Grow Up With AOC, on Ri4CTV. Obed thought first episode, The Race Is On, is “very interesting” and the second episode, The Starting Line, in his own words, “sounds like the beginning of something big”. Both agreed that the fourth episode, The First Step, is a great way to show what we are doing here, how we are trying to build our business, and how it may effect us.

Days before our meeting, Nick wrote the first few pages of our book, Wealth from Empty Hands. After reviewing those pages, both Tiernan and Obed thought it was really nice how those pages explain everything we’re doing. It’s a great way to show our goals for our business. It’s also a good way for fans to follow along in the background. Some may thereby see how to start a YouTube business.

When the meeting was over, we were set on a brand new journey to eventually become co-owners of Ri4CTV.

Want to join us and become a co-owner of Ri4CTV? Contact us via

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NOTICE: This page is also referred to as either WFEH19AF or DOU522B.


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