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As shown in Image 1, below, the program section, Rhode Island Weeks, near the top of our home on YouTube lets casual viewers quickly see how many videos are released during which of the recent weeks. They can click on the section name to see even more weeks of the past.

Under the tab Videos, casual viewers can quickly see that we release at least a new video on each and every calendar day. This is true since April 2019.

When viewers on our channel arrive at its companion website,, they are only a click away from seeing what videos are released during the current week, the previous week, or the following week. For example, click here to see which videos are released during the week of May 20th, 2019. From there, click on the link, “Next week”, again and again to preview what’s released in the coming weeks.

The above and other features are the reason why the YouTube channel Ri4CTV is poised to become recognized as a great program for the people of Rhode Island. Its reality stories throughout the week are interesting and not available elsewhere. That’s why we are now ready to organize our first group of prospective co-owners.

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Image 1 Top Program Section


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