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On the surface, this book is for those who are interested in creating wealth from empty hands. This book answers the basic question, how should one go about creating wealth before having it? Charbel is a teenager. So are Tiernan and Obed. They do, too, want to know the answer. This book is about how they and their peers go about, over the coming years, chasing after the answer.

The writing of this book is based on several existing video series, as listed below, which are now available on our YouTube channel Ri4CTV. In turn, many of our future videos will be based on the writing of this book. As you read this book and watch its video companions, you will enjoy following a still-developing reality story of how a bunch of people in Rhode Island grow up together.

When this paragraph was written, our YouTube channel Ri4CTV had less than 100 subscribers. Ri4CTV itself is still a baby. As you read this book, you will follow the development of a YouTube channel from its infancy to maturity. This book is definitely fun to read for YouTube Viewers as well as YouTube Content Creators.

If you want to become a YouTube Content Creator, we can help you build up your channel the way we did ours. When you need to add royalty-free music to your first videos, you may preview to see what musical phrases (stings), and their companion instrumentals, are available from the YouTube Audio Library by watching Season 2 of the series, Music Lab, on Ri4CTV. | List Videos | Play All

If you live in or near Providence, Rhode Island, and you want to work with us over several years in order to eventually become a co-owner of our YouTube channel Ri4CTV, this book is definitely for you. It walks you through all the ins and outs of Ri4CTV.  Tiernan and Obed, for example, are the first two who raised their hands. This book, Wealth from Empty Hands, is definitely an important asset to all prospective co-owners of our YouTube channel Ri4CTV.

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