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This page is for those who are interested in helping us to write our book, be it literally or figuratively. In this online version of our still-developing reality story, when more writing is required for a paragraph, the following sentence, in a faded color, should be appended to it. [EDIT: More sentences are needed here.]

After a day plays out, we cannot go back and change it. This book is written, in the same way, along the actual timeline. Minor revisions to one or another page can always be made but it is difficult to rearrange the development of our reality story. There is no going back as our main characters herein are quickly growing up with this book.

If you would like to help us write this reality story, to be part of it, or to be on our YouTube channel Ri4CTV, feel free to contact us anytime via You and your friends can always support our work by subscribing to our channel. For those who could afford it, feel free to support us financially via

As you can see, the link, Next page, is placed at the lower-left as well as the top-right corner to mark the start and end of page contents. Often appended below is a set of links answering questions frequently asked about the page. Got a question for us? Feel free to leave us a message with your comment or question anytime via

Every page in this book, Wealth from Empty Hands, is identified by a unique number that starts with the prefix WFEH. In the middle is the transfix whose value is the last two digits of the creation year. The suffix includes two case-insensitive alphabets identifying the unique page created that year. For example, the first three pages are WFEH19AA, WFEH19AB, and WFEH19AC. Readers should feel free to use the page number as a hashtag identifying that page. For example, #WFEH19AZ is the 26th page created in 2019 for this book.

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