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Nick has been talking to Charbel about writing their book, Wealth from Empty Hands, since the start of the year (2019) but Nick did not begin to write it until after Jim helped him to find a job in Providence and the two best friends pictured  on the right, Tiernan and Obed, agreed to work with Nick over the next many years on the idea of turning their friendship into a money-making business based on YouTube. Needless to say, the writing begins when this page is created.

Our future book was so titled when Charbel in February adopted the following as his personal mantra for life: “Wealth from Empty Hands for All”. To understand the story behind this mantra, you may want to watch the first four videos, together in 12 minutes, of the series,  Grow Up With AOC. | List Videos | Play All

Pictured on the right are Charbel and Jim. The picture was taken last month, on the day they first met one another, when Jim thought we only had the working title and suggested that we should soon come up with a better one. Now that the writing begins, the working title better be, well, working.

Six months ago, Charbel did not know any of us. Three months ago, Jim did not know any of us. How about this; two days ago, neither Tiernan nor Obed knew any of us. How could Nick dare to start writing a still-developing reality story involving them and others in a very thick book with so much confidence? The bigger question is, why? Well, turn the pages and find out!

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