About the Week of April 29

Videos Released

This article is the second in the series, “Last Week on Ri4CTV”, which captures the history of Ri4CTV over the week that ends on Sunday. | Tell me more

Monday (4/29) was a big day with the start of two new series. The first one is, Garrette’s Spot. The other is, Rhode Island RC.

The series, Rhode Island RC, is created for all RC Enthusiasts, especially those in Rhode Island. Y’all are invited to join in and make this series an experience to remember.

The video series, “Garrett’s Spot”, features artists and designers from around Providence and Rhode Island. Local artists and designers are invited to be in this series, in another one of ours, or even in a series of their own on Ri4CTV. | Contact us via Ri4CTV.com/Contact

On a regular basis, a new video is released at 2 PM ET every Monday for the series, “Skydio UX”, which means, Skydio User Experience. Its mission is to share the experience of using Skydio with others. All videos in the series, “Skydio UX”, are presented by Ri4CTV on YouTube as part of the Global Skydio User Group.

A new video is released at 2 PM ET every Tuesday for the series, “Thumoslang Vocabulary”. Thumoslang is considered as the greatest creation in the life of Nickantony Quach. If there were to be a tombstone create for him, it should read simply, “Creator of Thumoslang”. Thumoslang, indeed, is why he created Ri4CTV in the first place. The “4C” in Ri4CTV abbreviates the concepts, “foreseeing” and “foresight”. Ri4CTV stands for, “Rhode Island Foresight Television”. It’s about foresight for what you truly want to become. If your ideal self had a will, Thumoslang is the way.

On the first day of May, Nick ran into a BMX rider in town. To make the long story short, the result of that encounter is the start of an unexpected series, Rhode Island BMX. As it turned out, the BMX series is moving ahead faster than the RC series, although the former was started few days after the latter was started. That means, the race is on for both the series, “Rhode Island RC”, and the series, “Rhode Island BMX”. Let’s see which one brings us more episodes this month of May 2019.

Without any training in music, it was a pleasant surprise for Nick to discover the concept of stings (musical phrases). He gathered many of them from the YouTube Audio Library and placed them in the new Ri4CTV series, “Music Lab”. He begins with Season 2 and reserves Season 1 for introductory material to be produced later.

Released Videos

Click on the following image to see all shows released during the week.

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