The Possibility of Becoming a Co-owner of Ri4CTV

Welcome to Ri4CTV, a channel on YouTube! If you’re older than 13 and you’re a local in Providence, Rhode Island, you’re invited to consider the possibility of becoming a co-owner of Rhode Island Foresight Television, also known as, Ri4CTV. It takes many years to turn a YouTube channel into a source of passive income, which is a way to receive money without working further. It does, too, take many co-owners to turn a raw idea into a serious business. To turn Ri4CTV into a passive-income business, we are now forming a group of co-owners. You and your local friends are now invited to join us.

At this time, we are not looking for investors. We are not asking you to invest your money into Ri4CTV. At this time, we are looking for the locals who are interested in putting in their free time into something that will become great not only for the people of Rhode Island but also for those from far-away places.

We will be fair and square in our business conduct. We will set up rules to ensure that our rewards will be distributed according to our efforts. Those who want to leave will not lose their past interests in the business. If you worked with us two years straight, you should be rewarded the same as if you worked with us one year, skipped a year, then worked with us another year.

If interested, please text the phrase, “Ri4CTV Ownership”, to 401-366-4987, and set up a meeting with us at Ri4CTV.

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