About the Week of April 22

Videos Released

This article is the first in the series, “Last Week on Ri4CTV”,  which captures the history of Ri4CTV over the week that ends on Sunday. | Tell me more

Ten videos were released over the week that starts on Monday, 4/22/2019, and ends on Sunday, 4/28/2019. | Which ten?

The biggest release of the week was the video, “Meet the Musician“, which kicks start the series, “Music Man of God 7“. It features original gospel music by Brandon Lee.

Unexpectedly, three new video series are started this week: Student Life in Rhode Island (Wed. 4/24), Skydio Chase (Fri. 4/26), and Around Rhode Island (Sat. 4/27).

The video series, Student Life in Rhode Island, focuses more on high school and college students whereas the series, Skydio Chase, covers younger students. The series, Around Rhode Island, covers activities unrelated to school. These activities might also be carried out by non-students.

Released Videos

Click on the following image to see all shows released during the week.

Ri4CTV Website Homepage | Last Week on Ri4CTV | Ri4CTV Home on YouTube | Edit

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