Original text for about Ri4CTV channel

Welcome to Rhode Island Foresight Television! Ri4CTV is to become a global TV network based on YouTube. Its mission is to become more and more effective at bringing forethought (“4C”) to the development of your personal philosophy, which is how you let others know about your way of life. When fully expressed, it tells you “what you truly want to become”. This knowledge is necessary for self-respect. Without it, we’re not sure of our ideal self and others are not sure of how to respect our business of the self. People cannot avoid interfering our business of the self if we do not tell them what it is. What defines our business of the self is our personal philosophy. As it evolves over time, Ri4CTV evolves accordingly, in order to bring you the latest in better forethought for the development of your personal philosophy. That’s why “4C” (foresee, foresight, forethought) is part of Ri4CTV. To contact us, go to Ri4CTV.com/Contact/; to donate and support our work, visit Ri4CTV.com/Donate/.

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