R1P1 Colt State Park

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Colt State Park | Thumoslang Along the Way | S1E1 | Rhode Island Video Tours

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Narrative transcript

Segment 1

  1. Riding a bicycle to Colt State Park then put in on the rack in front of a bus, Bus number 60, for a quick ride back to Providence is not a bad way to spend a free day in Rhode Island.
  2. In this video, we take you on a virtual tour to Colt State Park and teach you Thumoslang along the way.
  3. Here we are outside of a night club called Hot Club, which is by the Providence River near the Interstate 195.
  4. This is not a bad place to start our bicycle ride from Providence to Colt State Park.

Segment 2

  • Here we are crossing under the freeway, Interstate 195.

Segment 3

  1. On the right is where you can take a ferry to Newport.
  2. This service is available between the last days in May until the first days in October.
  3. It takes 70 minutes to ride the ferry from Providence to Newport.
  4. That’s also how long it take to ride the bus, Bus number 60, from Providence to Newport.
  5. You can bring your bicycle with you on both the ferry and the bus.

Segment 4

  1. To go much longer and much further than Newport, you may want to take a round trip from Providence on one of the two cruise ships from the American Cruise Lines.
  2. One cruise ship is named the American Star and the other, the Independence.
  3. Both cruise ships will take you to Newport, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket Island, New Bedford, and Bristol.
  4. At the dock on the right is where you go aboard the cruise ship.

Segment 5

  1. We’re riding through the India Point Park of Providence.
  2. On the left, after these trees, will be the start of the East Bay Bike Path, which connects this park with the Colt State Park.
  3. It takes 90 minutes to ride the bicycle down there from Brown University.
  4. It takes 30 minutes to ride the bicycle up there from Roger Williams University, which is further south of the Colt State Park.

Segment 6

  1. This is what it looks like to be on the East Bay Bike Path.
  2. The scenery changes drastically as you ride further and further.
  3. The path often takes us away from city traffic.
  4. It takes us through three other cities: East Providence, Barrington,  and Bristol.

Segment 7




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