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A channel, analogous to a television station, is not born when its first video is uploaded. Our first video was uploaded in July 2018 but no ones, not even we, recognized our YouTube account as a YouTube channel. Adding more videos, uploading a bunch of videos on YouTube, or elsewhere, is how you create a video collection, not a channel. It takes more than just uploaded videos to make a web-based television station.

Having a great description, with the purpose of your YouTube account clearly stated, does not make it a channel either. According to ours, see Appendix 1, below, our account’s mission is bring forethought (“4C”) to the development of personal philosophy. To serve the mission, we added several video series. So what? Having a greater, more organized collection of videos does not make us a web-based television station either.

Sure, we have dozens of subscribers. The number of subscribers tells us we are a video blog. Even when we have a large fan base, it does not make us a web-based television station either.

The above begs the question, what must we have in the smallest web-based television station? For now, we claim that, at the minimum, it takes two independent program owners using the channel on a regular basis. It’s not the number of viewers but the number of people using the station as a delivery vehicle for their content. Using Thumoslang syntax, we have the following thumbnail definition:

  • Channel; that means, independent programs.

However, that is not enough. YouTube is a delivery vehicle for many independent programs but we do not consider YouTube as a web-based television station. We think of YouTube simply as a transmission facility for many web-based television stations, also known as, channels.

You cannot put two adult programs together and claim to have a web-based television station for children. What’s missing is a slogan that implies the target audience, which may include subscribers and viewers, for the channel. If your channel’s slogan is, “Good for Children”, then adult programs are out of the question.

Without a slogan, we have a collection of programs. Without at least two independent programs, we have a video blog with many related programs. In our opinion, the smallest web-based television station should be at least two independent programs but applicable to a target audience as implied by the same slogan. In this case, we better have an improved thumbnail:

  • Channel; that means, independent programs, same audience.

Using the above standards, Ri4CTV was not born in 2018, when it had many programs but without a slogan implying a target audience. When is the birth of Ri4CTV? The following video answers the question.

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Appendix 1 Original Channel Description

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