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Our main websites

  1. Ri4CTV is based in Providence, Rhode Island, but, thanks to its teaching of systematic approach to personal pursuit , the bulk of its contents is useful to viewers around the world.
  2. Our online facilities are designed to serve both local needs an global viewers.
  3. The homepage of our YouTube channel Ri4CTV is currently located at youtube.com/channel/UCxDrvxk2meRAo3_MAaf3A_A. We would like for it to eventually become youtube.com/channel/Ri4CTV.
  4. The homepage of the main website for Ri4CTV is located at Ri4CTV.com.

Our flagship series

  1. Guwa is an alternative spelling of ‘gua’ in Javanese, spoken in Indonesia. It means cave or cavern.
  2. We often use it as it spells GUWA, which abbreviates the name of our flagship series, Grow Up With AOC (GUWA), which tells the still developing reality story of how individuals are transformed during the AOC era.
  3. As it turns out, it is a good source of material for mentoring purposes. That’s why its videos include subtitles in 11 languages, officially referred to as Ri4CTV Subtitle Languages.
  4. They include Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. | Why are these selected by Ri4CTV as its subtitle languages?
  5. Those who want to become a Black Belt in mentoring are expected to watch the video series, Guwa Belt Mentor, whose mission is to show everyone how to become a Black Belt in mentoring.
  6. Guwa Belt Book Series acts as the connection between the series, Grow Up With AOC, and the series, Guwa Belt Mentor.

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