Introducing Ri4CTV Live Streaming of the Web Series ‘Ask Steve Jobs Live TextNow’ for Acceleration of Your Personal Development

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Rhode Island Foresight Televisions (Ri4CTV) is a YouTube channel. Its first flagship web series is, “Ask Steve Jobs“, herein referred to as the knowledge series. Its second flagship is the companion series, “Ask Steve Jobs Live TextNow“, herein referred to as the streaming series. To access both, use the link Each episode in the streaming series is the capture of a live Questions & Answers session between the viewer and the series host, Nickantony Quach.

The knowledge series builds up and presents a brand new body of knowledge known as Mateophil, whose mission is forethought for personal philosophy by applying professional change management techniques to self-development process. Striking a balance between personal choices and human unity, and in preparation for us to become a multiplanetary species, Mateophil is a non-dogmatic, book-based approach to life. It is developed in 2019 by co-writers Nickantony Quach of Rhode Island and Connor Mateo of California. Their work is based on the original 2017 book, “THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration“, written by coauthors Mark Canny of New Jersey and Nickantony Quach. The origin of everything mentioned herein is traced by “Master of the Sky“, which is Episode 2 in Season 1 of the web series, “PVD Philosophy“, on Ri4CTV.

Both the knowledge series, Ask Steve Jobs, and the streaming series, Ask Steve Jobs Live TextNow, give viewers an opportunity to (1) learn about the book of Mateophil, (2) figure out how to use it as a template for their personal philosophy, and (3) interact with its writers, long before the book published. If the streaming is not live, you can make a special request. To request a live session so you can interact with Ri4CTV within 24 hours, send a text message to 252-249-5667 (Ala-Biz-Loop) or You may also request a weekly session at a certain time on a particular day of the week. Include your email address if you want to receive a formal response.

According to Mateophil, what you truly want to become is your ideal self, which is your most desirable milestone-oriented versions of the self. To focus on them, you are expected to say no to all things not necessary for their actualization. How well you adhere to that is greatly influenced by your way of life, the formal expression of which is your personal philosophy, the cookbook for your restaurant of the self. You’re expected to use Mateophil as a template to create the cookbook for your business of the self. Its power is demonstrated in the first 12 minutes of the non-political reality web series, “Grow Up With AOC“, which targets post-millennials as its audience.

For those who are not sure of what creativity is, its four elements are Utility, Surprise, Originality, and Beauty. If something is considered creative, it should be useful, unexpected, new, and nice. The creativity in Mateophil is powered by the precision in its nomenclature, the naming system known as Thumoslang, short of Thumos language, which is capable of delivering shared understanding of terms but at a level of granularity much finer than traditionally expected. Its first version is captured by the original 2017 book, “THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration“. For those who does not have time to wait for the above-mentioned web series are done, this book should help accelerate their self-development process now.

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