L3P2 What is our philosophy?

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Striking a balance between personal choices and human unity, and in preparation for us to become a multiplanetary species, our philosophy is a non-dogmatic, book-based, and new approach to life. It is expected to be part of basic education and acting as the absolute minimum common background for all. To get started with our philosophy, watch all nine episodes in Season 1 of PVD Philosophy.

As documented by the video, Master of the Sky, the first version of our philosophy is captured by Nickantony Quach of Rhode Island and Mark Canny of New Jersey in their original 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.

The second version is expected to be written by Nickantony Quach and Connor Mateo of California. This work is documented by the online booklet known as Kotlas.

For those who are not sure of what creativity is, its four elements are Utility, Surprise, Originality, and Beauty. If something is considered creative, it should be useful, unexpected, new, and nice. The creativity in our philosophy is powered by the precision in its nomenclature.

Our approach, as explained by the TV series Mateophil, brings forethought to personal philosophy by applying professional change management techniques to self-development process. It calls for a nomenclature, as expressed by the TV series Thumoslang, capable of delivering shared understanding of terms but at a level of granularity much finer than traditionally expected. The relationship between Thumos and Mateo is explained by the video, Thumos & Mateo.

As documented by the TV series, Grow Up With AOC, one of the first few individuals to fully embrace our philosophy is Charbel Hachem.

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