What is PVD Philosophy?

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PVD Philosophy, also known as Mateo philosophy, is a non-dogmatic, book-based approach to life. Front and center of this philosophy is its nomenclature called the Thumos Language. PVD Philosophy is also the name of a television series available via the channel Ri4CTV on YouTube.

On YouTube, PVD Philosophy is basically an amateur television series produced mostly by Nickantony Quach for Ri4CTV on YouTube. Its main purpose is to draft the second version of our philosophy, which is now, as explained by the previous page, referred to as Mateo. Its first version is expressed by the 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, referred herein as Thumos Book One. The relationship between Thumos language and Mateo philosophy is explained by the video, PVD Philosophy | S2E1 | Thumos & Mateo, which is Episode 1 in Season 2 of PVD Philosophy.

Nick never had a chance to work in front or behind the camera. He gave it a try in July 2018 and came up with a dozen videos, one of which is the video, 8003 How to add superpower to your social life, that provides a short description of his background. As he did not like to watch all the videos he produced using is cell phone, he decided to step up with the purchase of a self-flying camera made by California-based Skydio. He calls his first self-flying camera, “Skydio One”. The video, 8030 Unboxing our first self-flying camera Skydio, captured his experience unboxing it.

As Nick stepped up from a phone camera to a serious drone, he evolved his YouTube channel. It originally was, “ProvidenceYoutube”, created hopefully for a “Providence Youtube Creator Group”, and its website was, providenceyoutube.wordpress.com. The video, Ri4CTV Origin | S1E1 | Skydio1 Our First Self-flying Camera | Pilot V6002, announces the new channel name: “Ri4CTV”.

With the new equipment, and the renamed YouTube channel, Nick gained more and more experience with “Skydio One” as well as film editing using iMovie. The video, 8104 Skydio1 crash1 original flight in normal view, shows one of the many drone crashes he experienced in his first months using the drone. This and above-mentioned videos are now part of the playlist, Ri4CTV Origin.

During the last quarter of 2018, Nick produced the video, PVD Philosophy | S1E2 | Master of the Sky | 4K, which explains the origin of Thumos Book One. This video is one of nine in Season 1 of PVD Philosophy. He did not like the last episode because of several reasons. Due to lack of time for Season 1, he decided not to revise it further and left it as is.

Season 2 of PVD Philosophy

Season 1 of PVD Philosophy

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