Making a sample video for our group Grew Up In Rhode Island

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Project Overview

  • YouTube channnel: Ri4CTV
  • Ri4CTV series: “Grew Up In Rhode Island” (Guiri) | Not yet available on YouTube
  • Episode number: S1E2V1
  • Episode title: “Red Maple”
  • Video length: 7 minutes 13 seconds
  • Video quality: 4K
  • Video status: generated but not yet uploaded to channel Ri4CTV on YouTube
  • Original series: “PVD Times & Lifestyle” | Watch on YouTube
  • Channel URL (2018):

Description of the Video

This video is Version 1 of Episode 2 in Season 1 of the Ri4CTV series, “Grew Up In Rhode Island” (Guiri), is created as a pilot for the series. As soon as we receive enough feedback from the pilot, we will create its second version, Guiri(S1E2V2), for upload to Ri4CTV on YouTube as one of the first episodes for the Guiri series, which will replace the precursor series, “PVD Times & Lifestyle”.

Sent request for participation

Would any of you be interested in joining me to make a promotional video for our group Grew Up in Rhode Island (Guiri)? In the next few days, I plan to make a sample video (S1E7V1) as part of the series, PVD Times & Lifestyle, on Ri4CTV. If you would like to appear in its second version (S1E7V2), please let me know. It would be great to have various Guiri members appearing in the promotional video for Guiri. | Leave us a message

Narration for the Video

NOTICE: The following has been revised for use in the closing credits but for the new series name.

Greetings from Rhode Island!

PVD Times & Lifestyle is a TV series about people, events, and places in Rhode Island.

This video, Episode 7 in Season 1, is for members of our Facebook group, Grew Up In Rhode Island.

At the start of 2019, we have over 35,000 members.

If you grew up in Rhode Island, join us.

Newcomers to Rhode Island as well as its residents are all welcome to join our group.

To be sure, you all are invited to join us even if you did not grow up in our state.

Again, the name of our group is, Grew Up In Rhode Island.

If you’re into mountain biking, check out the first episode in Season 1 of, PVD Times & Lifestyle.

If you’re into plants and trees, check out the second episode.

If you’re into skateboarding, check out the third episode.

If you’re a tourist visiting Rhode Island, check out the fourth episode.

To see how we use a drone to film our series, check out the sixth episode.

When it is convenient for all involved, several of us can together create a new episode to capture your personal experience, your local event, or your favorite neighborhood so that you can easily share your life in film on YouTube with your friends as well as members of our group, Grew Up In Rhode Island. For more information, visit




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