A1P1 What is Ri4CTV?

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Ri4CTV stands for Rhode Island Foresight Television. It aims to bring forethought to the development of personal philosophy, which is your way of life. Its creators and viewers do not tell you how to live. What they have to offer is Kotlas, a philosophical template, and Thumos, its nomenclature. Both are used by an individual to get started in the effective creation of a new personal philosophy, which is necessary for the most important thing in your life: what you truly want to become. This is explained further on the third page (A1P3) . | Go there

Our online information is organized as booklets in our library and their contents are curated to service both our local communities as well as our global viewers. This is explained further on the next page (A1P2). | Go there

The following sections show what we currently offer our global viewers and our local communities. The first version of our philosophy is captured by the 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. Its follow-on version is suggested by Season 1 of the reality TV series, PVD Philosophy, which is available via Ri4CTV on YouTube. PVD, by the way, stands for Providence, which is the capital city of Rhode Island (RI), where our philosophy is created.

For our global viewers

For our local communities

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