Dear Chen,

It has been a pleasure for me to meet you and your friend Eric. The friendship between Eric and you is so beautiful that I believe many would enjoy learning about. I love to share your stories using the new type of visual storytelling as provided by “Skydio One”, my first self-flying camera. I have it since early August. It got me started with the creation and further development of the channel Ri4CTV on YouTube which is located via the following link:

When you click on the tab PLAYLISTS on Ri4CTV, you will see several television series I created this year. Click on VIEW FULL PLAYLIST under each of them to see the first episodes produced for Season 1.

Click here to see the first four episodes in Season 1 of, PVD Philosophy, a TV series I created. I use this series as a “pen” to “write” the second version of Thumos Philosophy, which is based on the book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, I published in 2017.

If you believe in Steve Jobs, you also believe what he says in his speech to Stanford University graduates of 2005. He wants us to focus mostly on “what you truly want to become”, which is referred to as, “your ideal self”, in the YouTube series, PVD Philosophy. This TV series explores a systematic approach for those who want to conceive and develop further their ideal self as part of their lifestyle, their behavior because, according to Steve Jobs, “everything else is secondary.”

Click here to see the first three episodes in Season 1 of, PVD Times & Lifestyle, another TV series I created. It is a TV series about about people, events, and places in Rhode Island. It is produced using a new type of visual storytelling as provided by first-of-its-kind technology aboard a self-flying camera manufactured by California-based Skydio.

The title of the fourth episode is, “First Thanksgiving”, because it is about you and Eric on your First Thanksgiving in America. It is not done yet. Version 0.04 is located via the following link:

Version 0.04 (V4) of your visual story is not available to the public. It can only be shared with a specific person. You are the first authorized to view its contents. As you watch it, remember that it is NOT a finished product. Where and how you can help to greatly improve its contents is totally up to you. You and I can work on it and make it as perfect as possible before we surprise Eric with its contents.