One more member wanted for a local group in the East Side of Providence RI

Greetings from the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island!

We are a few local individuals binding together to focus on personal ideals. As of August 2021, one of our members is 19, and another is 27 years old. We meet one another in person at a place on North Main Street several times each week to push each other forward. Our private group has room for one more member to join in.

We are neither a cult nor a religion; you may retain your religious belief. Our ancestors are from three different continents; you may be of any race. We are all male. We do not require our new member to be a man. Only one of us has a 9-5 job. Employment is not a requirement to join us. Our members include one with a college degree as well as one having no plans for college. Education is not a requirement to join us.

Here is the only requirement for our new member. You want to work on your ideals, create your ideal self, or chase after what you truly want to become. We will help you go at the highest possible speed towards the most meaningful milestones in your life.

If you’re interested in joining us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime, be it day or night, on the weekend, or during the week.